Daylight Edition is a new project exploring daytime audience engagement for experimental and improvised music by presenting a series of new commissions through 2020 & 2021.

After a pause for thought and conversations with artists to consider how we could still realise ideas with them during the ongoing Covid 19 situation we are super pleased to announce the next Daylight Edition taking place this October in a secret but public location where South West Manchester’s suburbs start fading into the Mersey Valley for a special performance with Manchester based artist Kelly Jayne Jones and colleagues.

We are very excited to be working with Kelly and the group exploring how her ongoing exploration of vocal resonance techniques interacts with the detail and grain of a very specific location within the suburban landscape in Manchester. After various initial pre C19 conversations exploring overland travel to Pakistan and Sardinian resonant rock instruments we are really happy to present this performance close to home in a unique interstice where stone sheltering dankness, archway reverbs and the marks of the preliterate are mirrored back to us.

+In light of todays (Wednesday 9th September) ban on gatherings of over 6 people we are in discussions to come up with the best way to present this work. Please keep checking back for updates+

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